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Is your magic moment when you sit back and let go, or when you connect and find familiarity in a foreign place? When you laugh and really let it out from your chest, or when time freezes and you can just focus on what really matters?

Trafalgar gives you the real thing, so you don't need to worry about a thing. It's the people and places they've known since 1947, with feedback from over 5 million guests like you, that fuels their relentless pursuit to seamlessly connect you to the places we go. They have carefully crafted unique vacations that reveal the rich diversity of the world that leave you free to just be you. Happy, inspired and in your moment.

From the iconic to the unexpected, you'll hear the secrets of experienced local experts and connect with all the things you've dreamt of, and all the things you've never even thought about. You'll get close to the honest reality of the place and break bread with those who are part of the fabric of the rich local story.

You'll go beyond the 'ready-made' facade that everyone else sees. From learning about the art of traditional Peruvian hand weaving in Cusco, to tasting locally harvested wine and handmade local delicacies on a family run vineyard in Florence, no experience is quite like the other.

You won't just leave footprints on the ground, but thanks to their JoinTrafalgar program, know that you are leaving a lasting legacy for the betterment of locals and the future of their communities.

Good Times. Good People. Good Everything.

Connect to the real world, and live your very own 'pinch me' moments in 2019.