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Alaska with UnCruise… #travelgoals for the new year

Explore playgrounds that offer the richest, wildest connections by hike, paddle, and with locals. Places so tucked away that UnCruise's cozy boats fit in just right. Small ships, BIG adventures.

  • Active [ak·tiv] Mountain-goat scrambles, hours-long kayaking, slow and inquisitive snorkeling... Excursions are as hard-charging or as slow-paced as you like.

  • Bushwhacking [bush·wak·ing] No trail; To attempt a wild and woolly hike in Alaska that typically involves deer trails, bear scat, muskeg, and climbing over logs and through brush.

  • Flexibility: [flex·si·bil·i·tee] Within each route UnCruise is ready to turn, pause, and seize opportunity. Linger for whale sprays and bow riding dolphins.

  • Inclusive: [in·kloo·siv] Excursions, equipment, transfers, baggage handling, and, all food and beverages (alcohol too) are included in the fare. Truly no hidden costs.

  • Small ships [smaal ships] Laid-back; 22-86 guests. That's it. You get to know your travel comrades quickly, and yet there's always a quiet corner or empty space on the bow to scout for wildlife and take it all in.

  • Yak-n-whack: [yak·n·wak] An UnCruise original, short for kayak and bushwhack. An active, hours-long, land and water excursion taking in the best of what Alaska has to offer. It's the height of un-ness.
You're in your element. Boots on the ground. Paddles and spray skirts at the ready. Cameras in hand. Water bottles filled. Your guides-highly trained to keep you safe and confident in the field-are prepped to lead the charge. UnCruise Adventures' inclusive Alaska cruises feature these activities at no extra charge. So get out there. Try something new. There will be warming beverages and hearty stories to tell back on board.