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If you’re planning a trip after the pandemic, Mid County Travel is here to assist you. We’re in the middle of an unprecedented crisis and the current pandemic may have put far afield travel plans on hold, but there are still hidden gems to appreciate. Our travel agency can help you navigate this strange new world of airline travel, arranging hotels and rental cars. Travel is radically and almost unrecognizably different after the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why you need a travel advisor, say experts.

Whether you decide on a staycation, a road trip, a motor home, a hotel, or just a change of scenery we can help you plan your getaway – safely and stress-free. There’s a lot to deal with right now, that’s why we do all the work for you. As your advocate, we advise on destinations, travel requirements, safety measures – and we’re here for you 24/7 to ensure a smooth trip. Travel experts handle any emergency that may arise when you're on the road, everything from a missed flight connection to a hotel that closes unexpectedly. But remember, an online travel agency is not the same as your personal travel consultant – we always have your back.

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